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Documents for the flight

To facilitate the registration of "Applications" on airline flights, we offer you the application forms for the flight, act-report, the list of passengers and reference to the goods in the format MC Word, as well as an agreement on air services and applications to the contract.

Print on 2 (two) pages of pairwise: Application for a flight with one Akt-side and report the other hand the 1st sheet and the Combined charging roll with one hand, and the bill of lading from another side of the 2nd sheet.

The number of applications of Acts, reports — 4 copies.
The number of lists with Help — 3 copies.

Airline would appreciate if you could use this option in the design documentation. Also, we would be grateful if the passenger lists with the specified IO F. and passport data will be sent in advance by e-mail to the department of transportation. If this is not possible, please reduce the time for processing of passengers to have a list in electronic form, in the format MS Word.